Stan Kolev by Tech Warriors / GEM 07/05/2019 (Jenja)

About the

The Tech Warriors team has arrived to Bali and starts to organize the most memorable and hot parties with outstanding artists. One of them will take place on 17th May in JENJA, Bali supported by GEM. This night is gonna be a night to remember because the top creator of progressive music, the musician and producer, whose compositions put and enchant you to another reality – Stan Kolev is gonna be along with us.

His style is recognizable by thousands of people as he won their hearts. His music is unique: drums, mantras, eastern tunes – all this you can hear in his musical sets. Stan had begun playing drums at the age of 5, and by 15 he played in progressive rock bands. As one of the most sellable artists on Beatport he is being welcomed by the best world DJs, producers and music labels.