Tech Warriors is a creative association.
We are organizing events all over the World!


Creative team Tech Warriors was founded in 2016 by Georgii Iakovlev (G Monk). By now our team successfully arranges events through all over Asia, expanding horizons and winning hearts. We cooperate only with the best DJs, photographers and artists from all over the world.

The main mission of Tech Warriors is to create unforgettable ambience, mood and style of our events which you would love to be at again and again. To inspire and to surprise is all about us! Tech Warriors is a team of young and ambicious guys who met each other in Goa (India), where our main encampment was based. Being always on the run we travel, we grow, experiment, throw parties and enjoy. From all over the world we have collected a lot of interesting ideas which we bring into reality until now and we want to share it with you.

Our team


Georgii Iakovlev (G Monk)

General Partner / Creator / Resident DJ

The soul and the smile of our team. Being brought by himself, Georgii is a man with unique personality. His main slogan is “Any person who has appeared in your life is a teacher for you”. Georgii manages not only the label itself, but in the same time he is a very talented DJ, who pleases us with his music many years long.


Tim Zadorozhniy (Trimoorty)

Partner / DJ / Event managment

The tallest man in the team. Starting his career as a child, came to know that everything is achievable in this life and the limits are only being put by yourself. He is responsible for events concept development, décor, technical equipment, control and administration in our team. For more than 13 years long he succeeds to create unique and large projects in different ranges. He has brought to life many festivals for international companies such as Nashestvie, Maxidrom, Ultra Music, Russian Malboro tour, Coca cola promo tour 2009.


Katya Gurskya (KatyaGur)

Creator / SMM manager / DJ

Famous mostly as a DJ and blogger, Katyagur our flower in the team. She is the only DJ girl. Eastern tunes, african melodies and the sounds of nature are all that stuff which you can hear in her sets, which demonstrate her inner world. Katya is not only the resident of Tech Warriors team, but she represents our social media with an experience of more than 5 years in this direction. The universe is always on her side.


Danil Bondarev

Dj / Resident

Began get involved in DJing in 2006. In 2010, having moved to St. Petersburg, which at that time was considered capital of electronic music in Russia, Danil radically changed his tastes in music and worldview. Now Bondarev is one of the fastest growing producers in St. Petersburg. He has already managed to gain attention many respected DJs and producers from different  parts of our planet. His music is played from Russia to Argentina in a variety of venues from chamber clubs to large stadiums. Currently successfully touring Russia and Asia.


Samvel Samo (S. Samo)


S. Samo shortly became on of the well-known dj in Krasnodar. His professional skills & love to the elecronic scene help him to tour around Russia and to get well-known on top Moscow clubs.Now he is a member of an Experiement team, leading by Dj Skif, and trying to find himself, preparing his first release.


Inna Ladamina (Tamu)


Has begun her path in 2014, but not as a DJ like many others, but first decided to figure out what music is and started the art of producing it. She is the representative of well-known label BUNNY-TIGER DUBS. TAMU`s two tracks EP was released in April 2017.


Alysha Den

Videographer/ Photographer / Youtube editor

One of the most extraordinary videographers with a very special vision, who participated in lots of projects through all over the world including Europe, Asia, United States and etc. Being inspired by creative people she reveals that very vibe which takes place at our gigs.